Going Big For Our Home

We're living through some strange and difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our once solid footing and thoughtfully planned trajectory for 2020 is now up-ended as both the outdoor and travel industries suffer. Yet, even with all this uncertainty, one thing remains clear, we want to continue to give back and to support our 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners working to protect people and the planet.

Our commitment to supporting our cherished partners is more important than ever as repercussions from the pandemic touch every aspect of our lives. Financial support during this critical time helps to ensure these organizations can maintain staff and continue with their respective missions.

At Grayl, it has never felt more necessary to actively demonstrate our commitment to our community and shared world. In this hour of great need, we are stepping up and putting our money where our mouth is. On Earth Day 2020, we are giving 100% of all our website sales directly to our non-profit partners.

Emily Shellabarger
Marketing Manager

Our cherished 1% for the Planet Partners:

Conservation Alliance

As members of The Conservation Alliance, Grayl's donation helps fund grassroots, community-based projects that protect threatened wild habitats and preserve public lands for outdoor recreation. To date, Conservation Alliance grants have saved more than 73 million acres of wildlands across the United States.

All Hands and Hearts

All Hands and Hearts addresses the immediate and long-term needs of global communities impacted by natural disasters. The organization works directly with local leaders and community members and deploys volunteers to enable direct impact, helping to build safer, more resilient schools, homes and infrastructure. Grayl’s donations fund “WaSH” programs—water, sanitation, and hygiene—to create disaster-resilient access to clean water for local communities.

Charity : Water

Charity: water is an organization that brings clean, safe drinking water to communities in developing countries by building sustainable, community-owned water projects around the world. This year, Grayl has fully sponsored the rehabilitation of a well for a community in Malawi, one of Africa’s most densely populated and least developed countries. This well will provide access to safe drinking water for an entire community in Malawi, drastically reducing the risk of water-related diseases and giving time back to women and children.

Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund directly funds local projects engaged in the conservation of unique natural and cultural resources in the most treasured destinations outside of North America. Grayl’s contributions help fund projects that protect threatened communities, cultures and wild places throughout the world.

Washington Wild

Since 1979, Washington Wild has played an invaluable role in permanently protecting nearly three million acres of Wilderness throughout Washington, our home state. They bring people together in the vigorous defense of our remaining wild forests, waters, and wildlife. By educating, empowering and mobilizing our communities, Washington Wild builds powerful grassroots networks that help protect wild lands and waters throughout the state.

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