Wild Traverse Issue 01

Now, when we are hunkered down watching the world change, stories that inspire us to dream, plan, and look forward to the future are more important than ever. With the hope of inspiring future adventures, we’d like to share with you the premiere edition of the Wild Traverse adventure magazine.

From packrafting in Iceland, navigating rivers in South Africa & Slovenia, and biking around the states, dig into Wild Traverse.

Wild Traverse: South Africa

The GeoPress™ water purifier has been a game-changer for me. For someone who travels down waterways around the world, I'm constantly exposed to filthy water. The Orange River was no different. I was not only impressed with how well the bottle purified the water but also the ease and speed of doing it. No pumps, batteries, or chemicals. It's quick and effortless plus the bottle looks great!

Scott Martin
Wild Traverse: Iceland

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